85 & 86 Polaris indy 400

***********PLEASE READ*********** These are my new indy polaris 400s.They do not run because we need to rebuild the fuel pumps. One has 1010 miles on it and the other one has 939 miles on it. Also the tracks are in very good condition.Give me some good advice on what I should do to them. Thanks

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Boondocking the Indy 400
Got a couple feet of snow last season so I was able to have some fun in the powdah. Rarely get that much snow locally. Trying to lay the old indy on it's side is a lot harder than you'd think, 44" ski stance is great for the trail but not so much for boondocking. Eventually I learned how to get her way over, keep one foot on board and swing the other way out to the side, did alright after that. Could use a little more rise too. Of course the snow melted by the time I got things figured out...

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Fixing a fuel pump
This is a MIC fuel pump from a snowmobile that I cleaned up so it would work better.