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85 & 86 Polaris indy 400

***********PLEASE READ*********** These are my new indy polaris 400s.They do not run because we need to rebuild the fuel pumps. One has 1010 miles on it and the other one has 939 miles on it. Also the tracks are in very good condition.Give me some good advice on what I should do to them. Thanks


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Fixing a Polaris Indy 500
this one is my uncles not mine, i had to fix the piece on the track and weld the Exhaust

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1985 Polaris Indy 400 snowmobile compression test: needs engine rebuild

Polaris Indy 400
A video & short ride of my 1990 Polaris Indy 400 that I got for $400.

Top 10 snowmobile crashes and fails
Some nice snowmobile fails and crashes, hope you enjoy! New video, check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vQNh9lxYgY&feature=youtu.be Chris Burandt Stephen Darcy Heath Frisby Matt Entz Phil Yribar Jay Mentaberry Luke Rohde Jerin Anderson Ryan Phillips Ken Evans Duncan Lee Tyler Lambert and Friends!

1989 Polaris indy trail 488cc
My new sled, not bad for 180 bucks, found out my handwarmers DO actually work! And The carbs probly need to be synced by the sound of it. Also cleaned out the oil filter.

Polaris Indy 400 Startup
These are my 85 and 86 polaris indy 400s. We just bought them about a month ago and we already knew they didnt run. So we got them fixed a few weeks ago. turned out to be that the choke was stuck.So it wasnt getting enough gas to keep running or idle..Now they both run pretty good.But I still think they are idling a bit high. Other than that they are good sleds. Thanks for watching. Post, comment and Subscribe

Polaris indy 400 cold start.
1991 Polaris indy 400 cold start, lots of after market parts, if you have questions on the sled just ask in comments below. Song: She - Coloris

Polaris Slingshot VS Can Am Spyder
Which Two Rider Vehicle Would you Rather Have? I do not own any of these videos and i respect everybody in them

1985 Polaris Indy 600 Triple 140 PSI 2843 miles
This is a running 1985 Polaris Indy 600 Triple COMPLETE ENGINE. (No carbs, Exhaust or Electrical) 140 PSI in all cylinders, 2843 Miles Includes: Water pump Recoil Drive Clutch Motor mounts Fuel pump Spark plugs Coils w/ spark plug wires

2016 Polaris AXYS Pro RMK Overview with Engineering Team
SnoWest gets the scoop on the 2016 Polaris Axys Pro RMK models right from Marty Sampson, Development Manager for Polaris Snowmobiles. See www.snowest.com for more info on the 2016 models.

How To Clean a Snowmobile Carburetor
Here we show how to clean a Snowmobile Carburetor. This one came off of a Ski Doo, But most snowmobiles use this type of carburetor. For a more detailed video and better explanation of the inner workings of a carb, please refer to the following video series by Louis Skebo (PowerModz): Carb disassembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOJlHIUUBk0 Carb Reassembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfVQUBO7LjQ How a Carb Works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5p6YScsTNQ

95 Polaris SLX 780, Starting Problems - Fuel Starvation, Any Suggestions
This a clip of me trying to turn over my Polaris SLX 780. As I say in the video, the engine seems to be starving for fuel. I have verified that the fuel pump is working, the engine has spark but for some reason, cleaned the carbs / reeds / screens, diaphragms , disassembled the fuel pump but it doesn't seem to pull fuel. I thought I would put up a video of me turning it over to see if anyone could hear anything that might indicate what the problem is.

Project INDY 400
This video series will cover me rebuilding this sled into an exceptable trail rider. Thanks for watching :)! Polaris Indy trail track, Polaris Indy 600 track, POlaris Indy Sport 440 track, Polaris Indy 340 track, 1990 Polaris Indy track, 1991 Polaris Indy 500 track, Skidoo Formula STX track, Kawasaki Invader track, Kawasaki Intruder track, 15 x 121 snowmobile track, Skidoo mach 1 track, Skidoo 121" snowmobile track, Skidoo Formula III track, Moto-ski track, 121" Camoplast snowmobile track, Skidoo Formula S track, Ski-Doo Formula Z track, Skidoo racing track, vintage snowmobile racing track, Polaris Indy 500 track, Polaris Yokohama track, Polaris 15 x 121 track, Polaris racing track, Yamaha SRV track, Yamaha Phazer track, Yamaha Phazer SS track, Yamaha Vmax 500 track, Yamaha Vmax 600 track, Polaris Indy 650 track, Skidoo mXZ track, Skidoo MXZ 440 track, Skidoo MXZ 600 track, Skidoo MXZ 500 track, Skidoo Touring E track, Skidoo Formula 583 track, skidoo Formula 500 track, Arctic cat El tigre track, Arctic Cat 121 track, Yamaha snowmobile 121 track, Yamaha 15 x 121 track, Yamaha 121 track, Arctic cat Cougar track, arctic cat Zr600 track, Arctic cat Wildcat track, Arctic cat prowler track, 1995 Arctic Cat Wildcat track, Arctic cat 121" track, Arctic cat powder Special track, Arctic Cat panther track, Arctic cat Jag track, arctic cat EXT track, Arctic EXT 580 track, Arctic cat EXT 550 track, Arctic Cat El Tigre 6000 track, Arctic cat El Tigre EXT track, arctic Cat Wildcat 700 track, Polaris Indy 400 track, Polaris Indy 600 track, Polaris Indy Sport track, Polaris Indy 440 track, Polaris XLT track, Polaris Ultra track, Polaris Storm track, Arctic cat Puma track, Arctic Cat Prowler special track, Polaris Indy Sport Gt track, Polaris XLT Sp track, Polaris Indy Trail track, Polaris XCR 600 track, Polaris XCR 440 track, 121" Polaris track, Polaris studded track, old snowmobile track, Polaris Indy Trail 500 track, Polaris Super Sport track, Polaris Indy 550 track, Polaris RXL track, Polaris RXL 650 track, Polaris Indy 700 track, Polaris Indy 340 track, Polaris Centurion track, Polaris Indy Lite track, Polaris XC 600 track, Polaris XC500 track, Polaris Edge track, polaris snowmobile racing track, Yamaha Vmax 4 track, Yamaha racing track, Yamaha Sr540 track, Yamaha SX600 track, Yamaha SRX track, Yamaha Phazer II track, Yamaha Exciter II track, Yamaha EX570 track, Yamaha Venture GT track, Yamaha SX500 track, Yamaha 121" track, Yamaha XLV track, Yamaha XL540 track, Yamaha Vmax 700 track, Skidoo Formula STX track, Skidoo Formula III 600 track, Skidoo Formula 380 track, skidoo Formula SS track, Skidoo Formula SLS track, Skidoo Formula MX track, Skidoo Formula DLX track, Skidoo Mach Z track, 121" studded snowmobile track, Polaris XC440 track, Kawasaki 121" track, 1981 Kawasaki Invader track, 1981 Kawasaki Invader 4/6 track, Kawasaki Interceptor 550 track, Kawasaki LTD track, 1980 Kawasaki Invader track, 1979 Kawasaki Invader track, Polaris Indy 400 track, Polaris Indy sport 340 track, Polaris Indy Trail 121 track, Polaris TXL track, Polaris TX track, Polaris TX 340 track, Polaris TXL Indy track, Kawasaki snowmobile track, Skidoo Formula Plus track, Skidoo Formula MAch 1 track, Skidoo Formula MX track, Polaris Indy Trail dlx track, Arctic Cat Wildcat track, Arctic cat Jag track, Arctic Cat 121" snowmobile track, Skidoo Formula Z track, Skidoo Touring E track, Skidoo Formula S 380 track, Skidoo MXZ track, Skidoo MXZ 440 track, Skidoo MXZ 583 track, Skidoo Formula SLS track, Skidoo Formula 500 track, Skidoo Formula ST track, Skidoo Formula SS track, Skidoo 380 track, Skidoo Formula 470 track, Skidoo Mach 1 700 track, Skidoo Mach 1 670 track, Skidoo Formula III track, Skidoo track, Polairs Indy TXL track, Polaris Indy 440 track driver, Polaris snowmobile driveshaft, Polaris Indy 500 driveshaft, Polaris Indy Trail driveshaft, Polairs XLT driveshaft, 1993 Polaris indy 500 track, 1988 Polaris Indy 400 track, 1986 Polaris Indy 600 track, 1987 Polaris Indy 600 driveshaft, Polaris snomo track.

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