AMP Research PowerStep Overview, AMP Research Power Step Introduced by AMP Research Marketing Director Mark Wronski. The ampresearch powerstep is a power running board that attaches to your truck or suv. When you open the door, the step automatically deploys. When you close the door, the step automatically retracts. Learn more at

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Installation of AMP Research Powerstep on 2012 Dodge Ram 3500
This is a full installation of an AMP Research Powerstep installed on a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500. This, and all AMP Research products are made in the USA. This step holds up to 600 LBS on each side. These Power Steps engage and retract each time the door is open, allowing for easy access to the cab, especially on lifted trucks. Our truck specifically has a 6" lift, and these steps make a world of difference when entering our truck. The nice thing about these AMP Research Power Steps is that only one side opens at a time, and stays open for about 5 seconds before retracting seamlessly back under the vehicle. This means you have plenty of time to get out, close the door, and open the rear door before they retract. The other nice thing, often overlooked is that by removing your factory step you gain 6-8 inches of extra clearance, and also improve the appearance. Visit for more. Also Check out the AMP Research BEDSTEP and AMP Research BEDSTEP 2 Music via Jamendo: DJ Jim and Arena of Electronic Music

AMP Research POWERSTEP Unbox, Install, and Review
AMP Research Powerstep 76154-01A: TEKTON 24320 1/4" Torque Wrench: TEKTON 24335 1/2" Torque Wrench: This a review and installation of the AMP Research / Lund International PowerStep. This was installed on my 2015 GMC Sierra Extended cab. This kit will fit any 2014-2017 GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado Extended or Crew cabs. The AMP Powerstep connects directly to your OBD II port.

AMP PowerStep™ | Ultimate Tow Rig Winter Test
AMP Research Powerstep™, tested and proven in Montana's winter climate. Vehicle is a 2011 Ram Mega Cab 3500. PowerStep™ application number is 75138-01A. The 75138-01A kit also covers Ram 1500 Regular Cab/Quad Cab/Crew Cab from 2009-2013 and Ram 2500/3500 Regular Cab/Crew Cab/Mega Cab from 2010-2013. Installation Guide: f

PowerStep™ Install: GM HD Diesel Step-by-Step Installation of the AMP PowerStep on a 2007-2012 GM HD Diesel Engine CLICK "SEE MORE" to SKIP through STEPS steps 1-3: Install linkage assemblies 00:04 step 4: Install running boards 03:07 step 5: Torque sequence 03:43 step 6: Install motors 05:40 steps 7-11: Install wire harness 06:15 steps 12-16: Remove sill plates 07:18 step 17: Posi-tap™ instructions 08:22 steps 18-24: Remove door panels 09:12 steps 25-28: Install LED lights 10:19 step 29: Re-install fuse 11:18 step 30: Test the system 11:31