Ted Vs Jorge

Race between Lil Reaper and his SRT-4 vs Jorge and his 86 CRX with HtoB set up. (h22) The SRT-4 has PTE 5831 with FIC 1100cc's Tuned on Diablo Sport. The CRX is weight reduced to 1600lbs with a intake and header.

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underSRTarmor 11.3 @124 dash.
PTE 5831

Undersrtarmor 6262 5/23/13
Base tune ready. 5/23/13

underSRTarmors PTE 5831 e85 21psi
First rescale e85 21 psi.

underSRTarmors PTE 5831 pump gas 0-125mph
street tires, pump gas, timing 17-20 8psi in first 14 in second 20 in third 20 in fourth baby of the line,(bogged) i didnt wanna crazy spin....