Big Hoss Duramax

An '05 Duramax gets the Sidewinder All-Terrain treatment, featuring a Big Hoss Bundle. This originally aired in February 2005, so some products shown may be old—for example the PowerPDA has now been upgraded to the Banks iQ. Regarding Gale's statement at 1:29, let us just say this to those who were offended: We're sorry you were offended. For the record, nobody was saying that everyone in the Middle East hates America and wants to kill us. But just like in our country where you have mostly good Americans with a few bad ones mixed in, in the Middle East you have mostly good people with a few bad ones mixed in. And those few bad ones just happened to kill a lot of us back in 2001. So while Gale's statement might not have been politically correct, all he was doing was acknowledging a fact (there are people who want to kill us) and that he preferred to spend money with his fellow countrymen.

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In this duramax compilation you see all kinds of Duramax Doing Boosted launches, smokey burnouts, flyby's etc etc!! Let me know in a comment what you want to see in a next video!! If you have any video material which you want me to use in a next video, please donate it trough Be sure u watch it in HD. Hope you enjoyed! Please SUBSCRIBE and leave a message!!!

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Duramax EFI Lope Tune
2005 Duramax with EFI Live 5 position switch withe Lope Tune