Thomas The Trackmaster Show: If You Give An Engine A Truck (Contest) 6 Honorable Mentions

This is the final video of the if you give an engine a truck competition. Great job to those who've entered. NOTE: I tried uploading this yesterday but it failed.

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If You Give An Engine A Breakvan (dcolemanh) (Winner)
Featuring my new trackmaster Luke from wal-mart.

If You Want A Truck (Ramahfool) Honorable Mention
Here's my entry for Jonahfool's, "If You Want A Truck," competition, and I got an honorable mention. The contest is a second spoof of my, "If You Give An Engine A Truck," competition, and this was after the first spoof, Michaelandluke1's, "If You Give An Engine A Coach," competition.

If You Give an Engine a Truck(321ACTION1000)
Contest video for ramahfool.

Christmas Video (2009)
Not all my pressents were from Santa, they were also from my parents. NOTE: This was suppost to be uploaded yesterday but I had to make enough room for my other files and stuff.