Thomas The Trackmaster Show: If You Give An Engine A Truck (Contest) 6 Honorable Mentions

This is the final video of the if you give an engine a truck competition. Great job to those who've entered. NOTE: I tried uploading this yesterday but it failed.

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If You Give An Engine A Breakvan (dcolemanh) (Winner)
Featuring my new trackmaster Luke from wal-mart.

Thomas and the Great Rainstorm #3: Save the Super Station! | Super Station #6 |
Clattering Coaches! A really bad storm on Sodor has been causing all kinds of confusion and delay on Sodor. Thomas, Rosie and Gordon are going to help but just as they were crossing a bridge a huge out of control ship was coming towards them! Emily and Toby thought they were safe but now a fire is coming close to the Super Station too! Can the engines work together in time? Tune in this Wednesday 11/22 for the Super Station Mega Compilation with over 10 minutes of all new bonus scenes! The Thomas Creator Collective has new episodes every Friday with Thomas the Tank Engine, James, Gordon and the Steam Team with new episodes every Friday. Directed by: Executive Producer: Eric De Cordova Associate Producer: Matt Michaud (Enterprisingengine93) Story by: Enterprisingengine93, Trent Stanley & Eric De Cordova Screenplay by: Paul Martin Additional Writing: Eric De Cordova & Trent Stanley Animation: SudrianRwyModeler Edited by: EnterprisingEngine93 Title Graphic and Thumbnail: SudrianRwyModeler Music by: UpsideNow Subscribe to Thomas & Friends on YouTube: See the latest from the Thomas & Friends YT Channel: See all the episode of the #ThomasCreatorCollective: See all The Great Race exclusives: Subscribe for new fun, songs, and games at the Official Thomas & Friends YouTube Channel: Looking for even more safe, fun, kid friendly activities and apps? Head over to and shop for Thomas & Friends engines, games, and other products at

If You Give an Engine a Truck(321ACTION1000)
Contest video for ramahfool.

Christmas Video (2009)
Not all my pressents were from Santa, they were also from my parents. NOTE: This was suppost to be uploaded yesterday but I had to make enough room for my other files and stuff.