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39th Annual "Duel at De Anza" (5/18/2008)

Car: 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata Tires: Bridgestone RE01R (205/45/16) Class: SM2 (finished 4th of 9) Split Time: 26.255s Time: 52.222s Venue: De Anza College (Cupertino, CA) I missed a 3rd place in-class finish by about 0.6 seconds and 2nd by only 0.8 seconds, either of which would have given me a trophy... Oh well, at least the only consolation is that I didn't do too badly for this competition considering I was not running on R-compound tires. :) I love the way this event was run, using the old-school auto-x format (1st lap is practice and the last two are timed). Also, the course was nice and tight, so it was challenging. I'm surprised that as wild as I was on course, I didn't hit anything.


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NA6C Miata: Night Touge Film Debut (Part 2)
Part 2 of 2. This is the debut night film of the free car (a stock 1990 NA6C Miata) I acquired about 9 months ago. After some repairs/tune ups were done, finding a camera car and getting an appropriate camera mount setup for the NA, it was ready to go film a good chase video. Also, it has been through some daytime runs and auto-x's to shake it down to see what's what and I'll get whatever footage I have it on sooner or later. I just have to find the footage first.

Victor Sias's BMW M3 Duel at De Anza Autocross 2006
Victor Sias makes a run in his race modified M3 at the De Anza Autocross of '06 for a time of 47.205, marking the fastest time for a BMW at the autocross, and placing well within the top 5 times that day.

Road race Datsun 1200 at Duel at De Anza autocross 2007
This car still had the BFG R1 tires it probably wore during its last road race several years ago. It also had the biggest front sway bar I've ever seen on a little car.

De Anza AutoCross 2007 Part 1 A Mix of Everyone
De Anza AutoCross May 2007

SuperMiata: Round 6 - Race 2 @ WSIR (6/28/2014)
The second super sprint race immediately following the first race (http://youtu.be/yL2J8rwTQTc). Reverse standing start grid based on Race 1's result. I started P5. Emilio again gets a rocket start (I need to practice my standing starts now...) and sails past me before Turn 1. After a tactical mistake trying to pass Alex (#183) in Turn 6, we both get left behind going into Lap 2. And to make things worse, the hardtop fasteners failed in the middle of Turn 9 in the first lap, instantly killing my top speed and decreasing my lap time by almost a full second. Fortunately, there was a fight for P2 ahead, and that helped me catch both William (#99) and Joe (#288) on the last lap (Lap 4 according the video data). Joe broke away from William as I fought for P3. It was a photo finish, but I lost by about 5 feet at the checkered flag. Good battles despite the result of P4. For more info about this exciting wheel-to-wheel series, go to http://SuperMiata.com.

SuperMiata: Round 7 - Race 1 @ Auto Club Speedway (8/9/2014)
Qualified P3 (Caterham in front is not racing in class). Strategy and cooperation goes a long way towards winning here. It worked very well when William and I teamed up against Emilio for most of the race, which allowed me to lead the race until the last lap. This is when William loses brakes through T3 and balked both of us. Emilio then passed both of us on the exit of T4 for the win. I finished P2. For more info about this exciting wheel-to-wheel series, go to http://SuperMiata.com.

SuperMiata: Round 7 - Race 2 @ Auto Club Speedway (8/9/2014)
Reverse grid from Race 1 (http://youtu.be/R1YBa9XNabA), started P12, finished P3. There was an issue up front that botched the rolling start in this race since the pace was not steady. Lots of passing and action into the first braking zone. After that, I spent most of the race behind Emilio and William since they both teamed up to keep me from drafting off them. For more info about this exciting wheel-to-wheel series, go to http://SuperMiata.com.

SuperMiata: Round 8 - Miatas @ MRLS (9/7/2014)
This is a special exhibition race during the 2014 Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca event. I've been to MRLS many times, but never for a W2W race. This was a treat for me and all the drivers in the SuperMiata Race Series. And for this race, Miller (my red MSM) was reborn as a SuperMiata for its first race, barely finished being rebuilt/repuposed for this event. Only one 25-minute race this time, with highest average finishing position of all races in which the drivers participated starting in the back. I started P9. The start was very good, but chose a bad area to pass and had to back off and fell to P11 before the Andretti hairpin. I claw through the field eventually, but by the end of Lap 2, the front pack left. The only race left was a tight battle between me, Emilio, and William for mid-pack positions. For more info about this exciting wheel-to-wheel series, go to http://SuperMiata.com.

Speed Ventures Auto-X (6/14/2008)
This was a non-competitive auto-x hosted by Speed Ventures and it was very low-traffic, so got a lot of runs (like a billion). So, I just turned it into a music video. In fact, this makes it my first-ever driving music video, so sit back and enjoy. Venue: California Speedway (Fontana, CA) Car: 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata Tires: Bridgestone RE01R (205/45/16)

De Anza Autocross 2008 A Mix Of Everyone
De Anza AutocrossIt was a fun day and even though I had the flu, I was able to get some good shots this year. This is the long version :o) Music is by Canned Heat Woodstock Boogie. Enjoy and if your up to it I would love it if you would rate it. Thanks!!

Ultralite S2K in Duel at De Anza 2008
Duel at De Anza Autocross De Anza Collage, Cupertino CA

AE86 Duel at DeAnza Autocross
Duel at DeAnza 2006: 1985 Corolla GT-S on the autocross track for the first time. Stock suspension, and Toyo RA1's on the front. I had 1/8th a tank of gas left, and the fuel tank has no baffling, so that's fuel starvation for you.

Duel at DeAnza Autocross: 1988 Mustang
Marcello's 1988 Mustang Convertible at the Duel at DeAnza Autocross in 2007.

Datsun 510 @ DeAnza Autocross
1969 Datsun 510 SCCA 1991 National Champion EP Driver Tom Anker

Dual at De Anza 2007
Autocrossing at the Duel at De Anza: 5/20/07

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