Mercedes-Benz Motorsport and KERS Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz Motorsport and KERS Hybrid

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Mercedes-Benz Motorsport and KERS Hybrid
Mercedes-Benz Motorsport has applied the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) at every Formula 1 race of this season 2009 without any problems. The application of this technique in a Formula 1 vehicle can add a time advantage up to half a second per lap. In our VNR, which contains sound bites of the Member of the Board of Management of Daimler Dr. Thomas Weber and Mercedes-Benz Motorsportchief Norbert Haug, we introduce the complex system of KERS and explain the functions of this technique, which is used in similar form in the Mercedes-Benz series.

Porsche 911 GT2 v Corvette ZR1 - drag race by
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F1 KERS system 2009
SUBSCRIBE for daily car videos! Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) have been introduced into Formula One as part of the sport's major regulation change for 2009. A means to recover energy created under braking, the new regulation will see all teams running either a battery or flywheel system this season in an effort to improve racing. With the potential for the systems to be filtered into other applications, KERS is also one of the sport's major green initiatives. Williams is the only team on the grid to be using a flywheel system which is demonstrated in this film, together with the team's Chief Designer, Ed Wood and CEO of Williams Hybrid Power, Ian Foley

Bremsenergie Rückgewinnung -
Stop-and-go-Verkehr: Ein gewohntes Bild in vielen Großstädten. Beim Bremsen mit herkömmlichen Autos geht hier viel Energie ungenutzt verloren. Bei Elektro- und Hybridfahrzeugen aber kommen Elektromotoren zum Einsatz, die neben dem Vortrieb auch Bremsenergie zurück zugewinnen können. Dann nämlich, wenn der Elektromotor beim Bremsen als Generator funktioniert und die Bremsenergie in elektrische Energie umwandelt. Rekuperation nennt sich die Rückgewinnung der Bremsenergie.