Supra vs Datsun Pickup RB25

Supra Blew a Intercooler pipe in second gear but still was out classed.

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rb25det datsun vs fox body
cutting a 1.40 60 foot and consequently making a foxbody look silly. no, i wasnt asleep on the tree, i cut a .68, he red lit but almost as much. this one was a 10.26

Datsun 1200 Van vs Charmant RB25 (van 'crashes')
Datsun 1200 Van: 455whp SR20 vs Charmant: RB25 approx 650whp

Datsun 720 (43 Garage 90130 )
Datsun 720 (43 Garage 90130 ) รับถ่ายภาพ : งานรับปริญญา/งานบวช/งานมงค สมรส/PreWedding/Event etc. สนใจสอบถามโทร. 087-8372488 Line ID : oad_hatyai Fanpage :

Datsun 620 drag race
via YouTube Capture