034Motorsport GTI-RS From Concept to Reality Intro

Introducing our GTI-RS, originally an idea or concept, we have brought it to life, began testing it and will continue to improve and develop it to make it one of the most powerful, fastest Volkswagens in the world. Click here for more information: http://tinyurl.com/86wdcqd The car started at a Mk 4 GTI and had some of the following modifications: -996 turbo rear suspension, complete, 18" Porsche 996 turbo Hollow spoke wheels -2.7t Audi V6 bored and stroked to 3.0 liters with single turbo featuring Pauter Rods, JE Pistons, ARP hardware and Supertech valvetrain -Power ranges from 500-1200HP depending on tuning -Custom 2" widebody metal fenders all around with R32 front and rear bumpers -H2 Sport front suspension with Ground Control Strut Mounts -6-speed FWD 01E built by Advanced Automotion -Precision Billet GT35R turbo for road course and GT45R turbo for Dyno and high speed runs -And much more, stay tuned for more from this project! Watch the full build video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEtNMxVKegM

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034Motorsport TT RS vs. 996 Turbo at Thunderhill
We had some fun in early 2014 at Thunderhill Raceway with our APR Stage 3 Audi TT RS and the company 996 turbo with 550HP Stage 2 tuning, open Exhaust and track prepped suspension. The TT RS features a list of 034Motorsport products including motorsport clutch, motor and trans mounts, suspension bushings, 3.5" Exhaust system and many other tuning components. Both cars are on street tires and both are a good match, however the TT RS clearly has the power advantage on the straights and can more than overcome the 996 if desired. The 034Motorsport TT RS had just come off a clean sweeping win at the European Car Tuner Grand Prix just a month or two earlier, enjoy! 034Motorsport TT RS Vehicle Details: 2012 Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI APR Stage 3 turbo Kit - 91 Octane Map 034Motorsport Prototype Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel ClutchMasters Custom TD850 Twin Disc Clutch 034Motorsport 3.5" turbo-Back Exhaust System Wagner Tuning Evo 2 Front Mount Intercooler PSi Raceline Öhlins Coilover Suspension 034Motorsport Spherical Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms 034Motorsport Spherical Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Upgrade Kit 034Motorsport Solid Adjustable Rear Sway Bar 034Motorsport Spherical Adjustable Rear End Links Continental UHP ExtremeContact DW Tires - 265/35/19 034Motorsport Prototype C5 RS6 Rear Brake Rotor Upgrade Kit 034Motorsport Stainless Steel Brake Lines Cobalt XR-1 Front Brake Pads Wavetrac Front Differential Haldex Performance Controller Drivers: TT RS - Gary Sheehan 996 turbo - Christian Miller

034Motorsport 80tq vs. Ferrari FF (Launched) at No Fly Zone 2
The Ferrari launches from the start, and 80tq waits until the starting markers and accelerates from about 35mph. Ferrari FF is 660HP, 80tq is about 700 crank. The run is 1/2 mile rolling start at Minter Field in Shafter, CA at the No Fly Zone II event. Driver is Javad Shadzi Thanks for the fun race Ferrari FF!

034Motorsport GTI-RS Euro Tuner Grand Prix 2010 Event Coverage
The 2010 eurotuner magazine Grand Prix was the year we unveiled the 034Motorsport GTI-RS for the world to see what it was capable of. The GTI-RS is a Mk4 Golf GTI with a mid mounted Audi 3.0l V6, turbocharged to run anywhere from 600-1200HP. It also features a 996 turbo rear suspension and unique 6-speed transmission to drive the massive rear Porsche turbo twist wheels. There are many other modifications to list, visit 034motorsport com for more details on this car! We are proud of our showing at the 2010 ETGP, we won the Dyno and road course events outright and broke in the drag racing event due to a sheared axle output flange. We will be back in 2011 to prove GTI-RS once again, enjoy the video covering the 2010 event! Click here for more information: http://tinyurl.com/86wdcqd

034Motorsport - "Giggles" - 034EFI Motronic Tuned K04 B5 S4 Sedan - 448WHP/470WTQ @ 20PSI
"Giggles" is a 034EFI Motronic ME7 tuned, track-driven B5 Audi S4 Sedan. It makes 448WHP and 470WTQ at just 20 pounds of Boost on 100 octane gas. The car is detuned to approximately 430WHP for track events to comply with class regulations. - 034EFI Motronic ME7 Tune - 034Motorsport 85mm Billet Hitachi MAF Housing - 550cc Bosch EV14 Injectors - RS4 K04 turbochargers - 3" Downpipes - 3.5" Exhaust - Stock Bottom End - Stock Small Port Head - Revolver Camshafts - 100 Octane Please excuse the mess, our new Dyno room is under construction.