Slippery road conditions

Good smooth skating surface on the road after some freezing rain.

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Ice storm insanity!
This is what happens to innocent drivers going to church on a Sunday morning DURING FREEZING RAIN!

03/31/2008 Minnesota Icy Roads, Spinout And Fishtailing
Stock Footage, NOT FOR BROADCAST. FOOTAGE COPYRIGHTED BY Footage of the winter storm that hit the Minneapolis Minnesota area on March 31st 2008. Video of a car spinning out right in front of the dash camera and going into the ditch. Video of cars fish tailing and cars in the ditch. Also snow plow footage. This is what happened when Burger King Stopped Selling The Whopper.

Andy's homemade truck project An off road only truck that Andy is working on. It's intended for delivering supplies to tree planters over rough terrain.

Making a cutting board that won't warp
A wooden cutting board that won't warp from getting wet. 100s of people have "told" me about mineral oil. I was hoping I'd explained my situation. Apparently not obvious enough for youtube people. Since people can't be bothered to read the description, and I'm tired of the same comment over and over again, I have disabled comments on this video,.