HRSR Race Anglia 105E vs 2 Jags. (driver Steve Read). Part 2

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Targa Tasmania 2014 - Ford Anglia Pure Sound
Follow Ross & Jill Steuart as they head to 3rd place in Early Classic in their fantastic little 1962 Ford Anglia 105e, great to see & hear the car out on the stages!

Anglia in race
Ford anglia in race

silverstone classic & historic Anglia 77
Full race in two parts.CTCRC race at Silverstone 4th Oct 2008, Anglia 1558 pre crossflow, bike carbs, all steel rev 8200, sc cr box, lsd, big 4pot race brakes, discs rear,

Historic Retro Ford Anglia sprint race rally car speed review with mikeedge7
This video is about Ford Anglia sprint race rally car for sale with mikeedge7 via ebay. 984.m1555.l2649