1000+hp Nissan 300ZX VS 1000+hp '85 Buick GN 1/4mile drag race

1000+hp VKMmotors 1990 Nissan 300ZX [9,41sec@251km/h] VS 1000+hp 1985 Buick Grand National Stage II [10,97sec@169km/h] 1/4mile drag race

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1000 HP 300ZX
1000 HP 1991 300ZX with bald tires

300ZX twin turbo vs Exige S Supercharged
Chasing down an Exige S at wakefield park.

1000HP Nissan 300ZX
300ZX almost breaks the Dyno!!! haah it really put out 198 WHP

Z1 Motorsports 1051 WHP Z32 BEAST
THIS IS NOT MY CAR it requires no explaining. www.z1motorsports.com