Reunion club del audio 18-05-08

Un soundstream sonando en una kangoo, volaba todo eso

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car audio~sound system ,8
first , i want to thankx one of my youtuber friend , '' krannyman92 '' for the assistance he gave me. he sent the plan to make this box , btw , the best and easy box i ever built ! second : i blow the pioneer 1000w. rms , third : the kicker cvr , 400 w rms passed the test , but i paid attention , the amplifier is 2000 w rms , fourth : the rockford fosgate sub at 1000 w rms passed the test , and the surround was better than the last time .

New Fs3 Hot Excursion Sub part 2 speaker
Checkout our New Video for Information ***Fs3 Technology now Available**** Stay tuned for Promising Audio Manufactures///////

HCCA Blew Up
well something flew out of my HCCA and busted them up =(

Fs3 Technology Available: Suspension Vaulted Video Release Subwoofer excursion protoype Speaker
The Suspension which incubated for over two years in Research and Development now holds a patent pending process which covers various patented assemblies. " The Fs3 suspension is an alternative and enhancement for current and future suspension methods. It is logically assembled within speaker parameters to enhance excursion capabilities and second to minimize stress on suspension materials by distributing a speakers piston-like force among its integrated spiders. Therefore not only increasing excursion but also its durability, functionality, and integrity." Please Note: Fs3 Technology has graduated from a concept and is currently in an integration process by an assortment of Car Audio Manufactures. Stay tuned to our profile and we will give you an inside look into promising Audio Manufacuters, News, and release dates. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fs3 Technology------------------------------------------ We want to go ahead and take the time and thank Everyone for spreading and in turn aiding fs3 technology. :Many have flooded the comments with hopes to find a way to enhance their current subwoofer by embeding fs3 technology into it. FAQ's // Yes the double surround has been patented before, BUT, Fs3 technology DOES NOT Utilize or in any way market that technology. (These were just prototypes and doubling up the surround was the only available way to utilize and allow excursion, of course on our Concluded Prototype, only seen by few, we have calculated a fair surround that allows maximum excursion. ) FAQ's/// Why so long you ask? T he first fs3 was assembled and accepted for patening process, after a thorough evaluation we put the Company Visits on Hold; We realized that the Suspension could further be utilized in different assembly methods. This allowed us to take further steps and insure that all areas and suspension capabilities were covered. FAQ's//// Songs on videos? well you will just have to have fun and search through comments, they have been answered correctly. ************* We will have more and more Updates now that the Technology has been Released*******