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Reunion club del audio 18-05-08

Un soundstream sonando en una kangoo, volaba todo eso


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pioneer 3000W
buky, kiki, savurusic

Turbospoke - The Bicycle Exhaust System
Buy here: http://www.speedwaymotors.com/turbospoke,50683.html turbospoke is a complete Exhaust system that fits to any bike and makes it look and sound just like a real dirt bike. turbospoke is based on the old 'baseball-card-in-the-spokes' concept, brought right up to date. The realistic engine sounds are created using long lasting plastic cards, a clever sound chamber and an awesome megaphone Exhaust pipe which really amplifies the sound.

Elemental Design 13av.2 Destruction Pt: 3
**SubScribE If you LIKE** CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS BEFORE YOU COMMENT** This is a different sub now, the last one finally gave in. This sub has 2 working coils. Gain on amp is 100%. I really tried to punish this one but it wouldn't blow. This sub is alittle over a year old now. Again , This is a Elemental Design's 13a.v2 subwoofer. The sub in this video only had one pair of lead wires in tacked, along with major glue issues. The subwoofer(s) in these videos are all being repaired / re-built by: www.fixmyspeaker.com I will have quality videos & pictures along with my personal thoughts of the sound / build quality of before and after the re-builds. So stay tuned. Rate, comment, Sub. Questions feel free to ask ! Check out the other videos please.

20,000 watt window shake - Tremendous Bass #15
dropped of a few co-workers off to pick up a few fords for our company fleet. The manager of the fleet center wanted to hear it so i let him and the building have it :) join my website forum today! http://www.SteveMeadeDesigns.com/board

15" Kicker L7 Blows out my Kids Eardrums!!
Cranking it up for the first time with my kids in the truck with me..... crazy loud


DC Audio Hummer 20,000 Watts+ RMS - Demo
Got my truck done for it's final upgrades before SBN and had a friend who wanted to hear it come over today so we broke out the camera to get the first video demo. (8) DC Audio Level 5 15's (4) American Bass 500.1's Sundown Sax 100.4 amp (2) Crescendo 1000c4 amps (16) Crescendo Audio CCX 6.5s, (16) Crescendo Audio CCX Tweeters (4) 8" Beyma Midrange (2) Singer Alternators (14) Kinetik HC16V Batteries

Mrs. Meade+ SMD/AA 18" Subwoofer = INSANE HAIRTRICK - 30,000 Watt System with WOOFER FLEX
everyone wanted to see the woofers moving in the daylight so today i decided to go ahead and get a little hairtrick. I also got a little woofer flex......

The Beast vehicle from Deephitters Magazine - 2008
EZ Concepts 4/26/08-This is a demo of "The Beast" vehicle from the Deephitters magazine. This is not my ride and unfortunately he had it disassembled and sold in the fall of 2009, supposedly he has something bigger and badder is in the works. Most people can't sit inside this at full volume as it has crazy amounts of highs and enough bass to make your head feel like it's being squeezed. PS- To alI record labels, I got some weird message about some copyright BS on this video, suck my dick and find something better to do instead of sifting through videos to make sure your songs aren't on them.

TDH Tradition blowing Kicker L7
TDH tradition to blow a sub at each BBQ

4 kicker 12" L7's chevyhoe08
3 new model kickers 12" L7's, one more to go and i will have all matching subs. just a lil demo. i was bored. please comment. thanks for watching.

Testing the limits DC lvl 5 10 Final run with Atomic
Thought I'd give ya one more shot. They are still working but something has given out. Probably part of the cone/former joint. We will see when I pull it. New amp is coming soon.

MTX Jackhammer 22" on 13,000 Watts 4 HO Alt.
MTX jackhammer on 4 MTX 92001 "13,000 Watts" 4 HO alt's 7 Kinetik 2400's http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_103222&src_vid=nLfQ4x bQ0zc&v=Z1aeJrSEi7I&feature=iv

Será que o som do carro é forte?

kicker l7 15
another video of my system let me know what you think

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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