floor repair part 1.wmv

How to replace a floor in a vehicle, cheap, easy, effective, and structurally sound!

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Cut out / replace rusty floorboard.
The floor board in Kens Subaru Brat is rusted out. Mike cuts out the rust damage, welds in new steel, and put on a seal coat. It's that simple.

Cheap Rust Repair With Old Appliances (no welding)
Cheap easy way to fix a rusty floor with out a welder.

How To Fix Rust Holes In Floorboards
Check out more videos at: https://www.youtube.com/user/MidwestGarage1 This short video shows how to replace your rusty floor boards when the inner rockers or kick panels are rotted out as well. I apologize that this video isn't of the best quality, but hopefully it gets my point across!

Cheap floor pan replacement in rat rod 66 mustang, patching rust repair
replacing the floor in our very budget ratty muscle car. A $350 piece of junk 1966 Mustang every one said was "too far gone"... word of advice, prep your metal or your welding will come out as ugly as mine or worse. just saying ;-)