Stanceworks BBQ at Gillis Motorsports

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Fluid MotorUnion Mike Burroughs' E36
The following video is meant to showcase the Fluid MotorUnion velocity stack setup for Mike Burroughs' E36 BMW. You may notice from the underhood shot that this isn't your standard E36, nor is it an E36 M3. This specific vehicle contains a specially-prepped S54 motor, typically seen in the E46 M3. It's been outfitted with various go-fast bits, the most recent of which are the FMU velocity stacks and catch can. It's dropped to the ground on StanceWorks Zero Clearance coilovers and sports AC Schnitzer Type 1 wheels. You may remember this vehicle with AMG wheels; well, times have changed, my friend. :) Mike Burroughs, as some of you may know, is the owner and founder of StanceWorks, the greatest website for all things proper in the world of stance-based aftermarket aesthetics. Enjoy! And extra special thanks to Marisa for taking the helm of the camera while your humble narrator graduated to the "stunt driving."

BMW e36 M3 style | stance - slammed - Burnouts
Follow me on facebook: BMW 325i VANOS cabrio! I was planning to film the civic while the 4-2-1 header would be installed. But then the owner of this bmw m3 look-a-like asked me to make one video for him! i couldn't say no, because this car looks very great! it has a great sound and very good traction.

BMW chocolatE36 by Mathias22 photo
Project by Mathias22.. BMW e36 320i in M packet Song: The Glitch Mob ft. La Roux - In for the kill Horror Beat Hip-hop Rap Instrumental Mt Eden Dubstep ft. Sarah McLachlan - Silence) Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra Leone The Glitch Mob - Animus vox

Fluid MotorUnion - Mike Burroughs's S54 E36 Dyno Tune
The following video is a result of Fluid MotorUnion's most recent late-night tuning sessions. This one took place on Monday, December 12, 2011. The car featured here is a BMW E36, owned by the founder of StanceWorks and FMU's close personal friend Mike Burroughs. It's retrofitted with an E46 M3 S54B32 motor, along with the OEM E46 wiring harness and gauge cluster. His modifications are as follows: -Pulleys -Headers -Lightweight flywheel -Fluid MotorUnion custom Exhaust, headers-back -Fluid MotorUnion custom velocity stacks -Fluid MotorUnion custom "Stacks/Header" Dyno tune The car finished the evening with a run of 312.5 horsepower to the rear wheels, which is not bad at all (and actually higher than some of the non-intercooled Supercharger setups we've tested in the past). This thing runs like greased lightning, and the sound is unparalleled. Oh, and pay no attention to the man behind the blur. He's a client that would prefer his significant other not know what he was doing at 11:00 last night.