Stanceworks BBQ at Gillis Motorsports

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Wuste 2011: A Desert Gathering //EP2: The BMWs
Speedline Film Werks proudly presents, in association with Stance Nation, Wuste 2011: A Desert Gathering; Episode Two. This second episode in a series of six, features Carlos Ruiz & Janelle Nunez's 1998 BMW 328i along with John Bridges' 1995 BMW M3. Make sure to check out our website and like our facebook page at: Visit the Wuste European Car Festival's Fanpage on Facebook and like them as a friend at:​wustevegas Also, make sure to take a look at our sponsors websites:

Fluid MotorUnion Mike Burroughs' E36
The following video is meant to showcase the Fluid MotorUnion velocity stack setup for Mike Burroughs' E36 BMW. You may notice from the underhood shot that this isn't your standard E36, nor is it an E36 M3. This specific vehicle contains a specially-prepped S54 motor, typically seen in the E46 M3. It's been outfitted with various go-fast bits, the most recent of which are the FMU velocity stacks and catch can. It's dropped to the ground on StanceWorks Zero Clearance coilovers and sports AC Schnitzer Type 1 wheels. You may remember this vehicle with AMG wheels; well, times have changed, my friend. :) Mike Burroughs, as some of you may know, is the owner and founder of StanceWorks, the greatest website for all things proper in the world of stance-based aftermarket aesthetics. Enjoy! And extra special thanks to Marisa for taking the helm of the camera while your humble narrator graduated to the "stunt driving."

GermanFest Tarnów 2011 by MADEgarage
GermanFest Tarnów 2011 by MADEgarage

BMW e36 M3 on Bags
Slammedenuff Presents David Pickett's 1997 BMW M3 See the full feature at Life and Death Productions - Losing Shot and edited by Tim Acang