Paul Riva's 1995 Mustang GT 'vert's NA 331ci combo on the dyno and street

This is a video of my NA 331ci setup on the Dyno and on the street showing its mild manners. The car has run 11.5 at 121mph with this setup and I finally got a chance to see just how much power it was putting down. Previously this combo made 380rwhp/380rwtq with AFR 165 heads, I have since swapped them out for a set of AFR 185 competition heads and probe shaft mount rockers. I knew the car was substantialy stronger, but now I have hard data to back it up. This combo was never intended to be a NA combo as I bought a PTK single turbo kit for the car before I even built this setup. The car was down for 2yrs so I decided to just throw it together NA and run it this way until I had the funds for the fuel system needed for the turbo. Its been so fun and headache free that I've kept it NA for nearly 3 yrs now! I still have a T76 single turbo setup for it, but when I keep getting numbers like this I'm inclinded to keep it NA and avoid the associated issues that are bound to happen when the turbo goes on. I NEVER thought I would see results anywhere near this with an NA stroker, even a NA dedicated one. If I had known that numbers and streetability like this were possible I'd have never bought the turbo and this combo would be a 10.5:1 363 NA mill right now.

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Killercanary's 1995 Mustang GT... street, race, and show
A quick video compilation of some of the footage I gathered of my car last year. The car makes 355rwhp/365rwtq NA and has run a best time of 12.03. It has been featured in "5.0 Mustang and Super Fords magazine" as well as "Mustang Enthusiast magazine."

Killercanary's best passes at the 2008 SSOTN Fall Nationals
This is a compilation of my best runs from my first track outing with my new AFR 185 comp heads.---------- The combo consist of: 9.0:1 compression dart block based 331 stroker with Scat forged internals, AFR185 competition heads, FTI custom cam from my old stock shortblock combo, Probe shaft mount rockers, TMOSS ported Holley intake, 75mm TB, MAC 1-3/4 long tubes, Dr. Gas 3" into 2.5" X pipe, 2.5" cat back, ASP pulleys, 30lb injectors, 190lph pump, aluminum driveshaft, 4.10 gears, TKO transmission, and tuned via an AEM EMS by me.---------- I have a T76 single turbo for this combo but I wanted to see what it'd run NA, needless to say I'm very happy with the results. I ran the car at the Fall 2008 SSOTN Nationals. This combo made 380rwhp with AFR 165 heads and FMS 1.6 rockers, I expect it to be at or over 400rwhp now. It'll be a beast with the turbo that's for sure!

FOR SALE: 1995 Mustang GT Convertible
This is a walk around of my 1995 Mustang gt which I have for sale in cape coral Florida

2016 Ford Shelby GT350R - One Take
This is the one. This is the Mustang we've all been waiting for since Mustangs dominated Trans Am Racing 50 years ago. The 5.2L 'Voodoo' V8 is the best sounding American engine ever, the chassis is balanced and playful, fun as hell, and most importantly, very, very fast. Put simply, this is the best Mustang ever made.