2000 Yamaha R6 160mph

This is my 2000 R6 hitting 160 mph.

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yamaha r6 vs kawasaki ninja.
Please Subscribe! give your ratings and comment yamaha r6 vs kawasaki ninja. want too see something else?? ask me and maybe i can record it. thanks

How to Wheelie: Part 1 - Beginner
My first part in a how to wheelie series. This is mainly for the 600cc range of bikes. For liter bikes you need to start in 2nd gear. Take these tips and go practice! :) I's got a facebook! Go like it! http://www.facebook.com/Doublet90t

Yamaha R6 Bj. 2000 auf der Autobahn
i'm sorry bout the shitty quality...had no better camera those days ;)

Motorcycle Crash - Yamaha R6 Lowsides into Guardrail on Mulholland Hwy
enhanced version- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1p3iRBTfeY Motorcycle lowside crashes into guardrail on a section of Mulholland Hwy called The Snake near Malibu in Cornell, California. . Rider OK