Nissan R91CP Rollover

Nissan YHP R91CP is one of Group C class race car which was a category of motorsport, introduced by the FIA in 1982. Group C was used in the FIA World Endurance Championship and other sports car racing series around the globe. The Group C racing cars are not as fast as today's LMP1 racing car especially in the corner, but they were quite fast on the straight. The Peugeot WM P88, one of the Group C racing car, recorded the highest speed of 407kph (253mph) at the end of the 6km long Mulsanne straight in the 1988 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The Group C racing series ended in 1993. Here are the details of the crash. Date - July 21, 1991 Track - Fuji Speedway Event - Fuji 500 Miles (1991 All Japan Sports Prototype Championship Series, Round 3) Driver - Masahiro Hasemi

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A Video Compilation of Le Mans, IMSA, WSC, ALMS LMS and GT cars flying due to aerodynamic instability. There are no fatal accidents in this video Music Immediate Music: Rising Empire Immediate Music: Imperativa

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1999 - Le Mans - Ukyo Katayama's puncture
The Japanese crew (Ukyo Katayama, Keiichi Tsuchiya and Toshino Suzuki) Toyota GT One is stuck behind Thomas Bscher in his own BMW V12 LM98 and is having trouble getting past. It is involved in its own battle (and probably isn't keen to let the Toyota through) At exactly 3.06pm, Katayama's left rear tyre has blown on the way into Indianapolis. It is now coming in very slowly, but it is probably too soon to try and run through from this stop. There doesn't appear to be much damage though so they might be able to get it through. They are in the pits and the 52 Viper is coming in. It will park just in front of them and the BMW has just gone through to force the Toyota to lose a lap. Meanwhile the Toyota crew have got the bodywork off and are now tiewrapping it back. Having just seen a rerun of the tyre blowout, how Katayama held it out of the Armco is anyone's guess. And the BMW is about to come round again, while they try to reattach the bodywork. Right rear pin won't secure properly but he goes back out to try and catch up. This may turn out to be the decisive moment of the race. The bid for glory was finished by a four-minute delay.