Predator Racing & Sgt. Rock Suspension [S6 Ep.10-3]

When it comes to Cadillac's, most people immediately think of lowering them down, and cruising with them. However, since the Cadillac Escalade is a great SUV, we thought it would be great to take the Escalade of Country artist Jason Sturgeon, and put a 3 ½" Skyjacker lift on it. Now you have no reason not to go hunting or fishing in style! After that we head to the land of the Predator, and see what it takes to be one of the most successful Monster Trucks of all time with Alan Pezo. Finally, we rub a little of that Monster Truck DNA on SGT. ROCK, as we upgrade the suspension and get it ready to do a little crushing of its own!

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The Larc / Sgt. Rock [S1 Ep.5-4]
Today on GearZ, Stacey takes you for a unique spin in one of the largest 4-wheel vehicles ever built...the Larc 60. Then it's back to the shop where he digs into frame modifications so you can be sure the foundation is strong on your project. Then finally, he throws some cool fire-power into the back of Sgt. Rock that you are going to have to see to believe! Lock and Load!!!

Sgt. Rock Bumper Fab [Full Episode Season 8 Ep 9]
So you think you want some custom bumpers for your big ol’ truck? Well today, Stacey shows you how to not only find what you’re looking for in the aftermarket, but also how to fabricate and build your own custom mounts to make ‘em sit exactly where you want them. After that He digs into the history of the Sgt. Rock truck and how it is permanently connected to “the greatest generation”. But this truck isn’t just about WWII, as a special tailgate airbrushed by Mickey Harris reveals, It’s about all the men and women that have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. This is one show that will have you waving the flag when you see it!

Gearz-Monster Truck Build

DIY Accessories and Motor Mounts [S3 Ep.10-2]
Every once in a while, there comes a point in your project where there are no parts available to help you and your only choice is to make something yourself... but how do you do that??? Well, Stacey walks you through the steps of how to lay out an engine swap, and how to hand fabricate motor mounts, so you can stick an engine into a vehicle that it was never intended to go into. It's hard-core, down and dirty how-to, but somebody has to do it... and it needs to be YOU. The good news is, with Stacey walking you through the process and showing you how to solve problems, it CAN be you! Now you just need to get out in the garage and start working!!!