Americas Worst Driver - Miami Sneak Peek

Ralph is taking the brunt of the punishment for Andreas poor driving. Catch the America's Worst Driver Marathon Sunday at 7, followed by an all-new episode from Miami at 10. Visit:

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Worst Driver Ever
On Our way to Kansas City from Columbia Missouri, along I-70 what seemed liked a tall man was rocking back and forth in the back seat of this infinity sedan ahead of us. The car was a danger to other cars around, but any attempt to pass was met with an non-signaled cut off and then the woman driving would put on her brakes. At first you'd think this was just a pathetic driver, but the "man" in the back seat turned out to be a 10-12 year old boy who was flipping off truck drivers while getting them to honk, and giving the bird to other cars. The cars hazards would come on randomly while driving in the fast lane. There was a younger boy up front. Neither kid had their seatbelt on, this one in the back kept opening the window and leaning out really far and screaming into this telephone. At one point both kids were facing us giving us the bird, for no reason other than...we were watching. Then the older one kept mooning us. Classy driving lady, You're a real winner.

Features top driving skills from Ferrari and Bugatti owners among others. Enjoy 4 minutes of F*ck Ups sent in by our viewers. Please note - At the request of our over-protected American audience: Only egos were hurt in compiling this video. Have Fun!

Canadas Worst Driver... And the Winner Is...
Between Medicine Hat's Ashley Van Ham... and Edmonton's Emily