My Daily Drive to Work in E46 M3 @ 165mph on Autobahn

My drive to work everyday is pretty fun with narrow village roads and a touch of the autobahn (A62 to A6) and then to Ramstein AFB to the flightline. Amazing thing is driving relatively hard I still get 20 mpg!

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INCREDIBLE SOUND! Very nice sounding BMW M3 e46 crash on nurburgring.
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Burnouts with no doors! (mid-project hoonage)
We just finished stripping everything that was destroyed and/or unusable off the m3...of course we had to let her eat on the sketchiest circle which isn't a circle in America, no glass, one handed while drinking coffee, almost offing it into the woods, several limiter sitters...we can't be left alone with anything. Enjoy! -Ian IG:

I sold my bmw m3 which i really regret doing, but sometimes you got to move on for the better. Watch as i hit over 192mph in a nissan gtr at vmax200 - Watch my previous joyride in the e92 m3 - F10 M5 Joyride Video - Check out my evolve automotive meet - Also watch my previous joyride videos Mercedes C63 AMG S NIssan 370Z Nismo - Watch my mod series on my BMW M3 Exhaust Mod#3 - Instrumental produced by Chuki. follow me on Instagram - @livinglifefast_llf Facebook - livinglifefast llf Website -

Shit E46 M3 Guys Say
This Super Manly Guy (aka SMG) finally gets the car of his dreams, and earns the right to say all the Shit E46 M3 Guys Say. Subscribe here! Our Social Media: Instagram: (@throttlelab) Twitter: (@throttlelab) Facebook: --- Featured Cars --- 2004 E46 BMW M3 Mystic Blue SMG...