Sennebogen 870 M special loading timber on truck

Sennebogen green line 870 M special Between 80 or 90 tons Materialhandler loading timber on truck See the Sennebogen 870M Special unloading wood chips from a ship and load trucks with the big bucket size is around 12 cubic yard And here wen it loading timber on a ship Sennebogen 870 M Special Lastar massaved på Scania R420 timmerbil maskin väger runt 80 eller 90 ton och har 24 meters räckvidd :) ganska stor Hjulgrävare :D Visit us at Facebook / Besök oss på Facebook

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SENNEBOGEN - Port Handling: 870 Crawler Material Handler Electro loading trucks in Turkey
SENNEBOGEN 870 Crawler Special Electro with clamshell grab at Efesan Port, Özaydintas, Turkey SENNEBOGEN 870 R Spezial Elektro mit Zweischalengreifer im Hafen von Efesan, Özaydintas, Türkei link to product page: tml contact:

Sennebogen 850M unloading a coaster in the port by Hofmans S.

Material Handling - Fuchs MHL350d
2010 Fuchs MHL 350d in action at the Greenville Recycling Center

NCK 305 Lingrävare - cable backhoe
A NCK 305 with Hydraulic for the bucket a cable backhoe excavator from 1968 and a CAT D4 dozer from 1960 at a museum showcase (a little notice that the engineer says in the beginning of the film is that it has rained on the brake bands so thereof the Digger is so weak in the beginning) Körning med en NCK 305 Lingrävare på 26 ton med Scania D8 motor och Hydraulisk skopbryt Lingrävare från 1968 Även CAT D4 från 1960 syns i filmen med filmad under en Grävardagen - Vitåfors Maskinmuseum 2016 Visit us at Facebook / Besök oss på Facebook