[OMSI]CMB Volvo Olympian AC VA44 GW1562 Sound Testing

My dearest car VA44 on testing Other things including dash and buttons are in progress

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423@182 中途死火

OMSI Dennis Dart Engine Sound
Testing 2

[MM2] V-mode長鏡教學
在此影片會示範如何在MM2的V mode視點做到長鏡的效果, 令視點幾得更有趣~ **感謝開發此效果的人!**

[OMSI] SBS Transit Enviro 500 With SG Doors Closing
Bus: Dennis Enviro 500 (SBS Transit Repaint) SVC168 Map: Grundorf_LHD Note: The bus repaint and the sounds will not be released. There are some bugs with the sounds also as you can infer from this video. Idea inspired by TGM. Thanks!! :) Thanks for watching and hope you liked it! :) Kenneth1228