[OMSI]CMB Volvo Olympian AC VA44 GW1562 Sound Testing

My dearest car VA44 on testing Other things including dash and buttons are in progress

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423@182 中途死火

城巴 CTB Bus 193 馬會接送專車 CityBus Jockey Club shuttle
城巴 FD8109 (車隊編號193) Leyland Olympian 行走馬會接送專車 CityBus (CTB) FD8109 (Fleet No. 193) Leyland Olympian on Hong Kong Jockey Club shuttle

GAC KC38 Dublin Bus in Carmageddon 2
A fairly rubbish video I put together when I was bored. This is probably the only game where a KC bus features in! I made the bus for the game myself using 'Cared'. Thanks to YT users 'Tecmovie' and 'Markthebusman' for providing pictures. The bus can be downloaded for the game here: http://coffey.polygonized.com/files/GAC.zip Music: Metallica - Fuel

OMSI Dennis Dart Engine Sound
Testing 2