Dead-Rabbits Drag Racing Team Dynorun VW Golf 3 V6 24v 4 Motion Turbo

Abstimmarbeiten bis 1,2 Bar des Sponsor-Renners VW Golf Golf 3 V6 R30 24v 4 Motion turbo

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Golf 3 V6 70mm AGA mit Klappensteuerung
Golf 3 V6 24V mit 70mm AGA mit Klappensteuerung im Mittelschalldämpfer

Semi final Golf vr6T& Subaru wrx
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Golf GTI mk3 nas 16" susp.rosca
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Volkswagen Golf & Rabbit & POLO - No Spark at plugs but will bump start - MYSTERY SOLVED!
This 1995 Volkswagen has seen better days, but this problem is common and cheap to fix. Solving this problem could be quite expensive at a garage as they would probably replace the coil, the crankshaft sensor, plugs and HT leads and still be scratching their heads. It turned out to be an ignition barrel - after all this vehicle is high mileage.