thats CL TDI ;) with some mods ;)

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VW Golf MK3 1.9M-TDI launch control

Mk3 Golf TDI Straight Pipe Start Up

The EVRY Mod Mk3 Golf TDI - For Arild
Here she is Arild. I forgot to mention the switch. This is located under the steering wheel. You'll need a 2 pin switch (on/off) and it just needs to break one of the wired to your fuel pump harness. http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=338694 This link should help you, didnt have this when I did mine. Its the grey/green and white/green wires you are after I believe. I kept my potentiometer in the cabin for on the go tuning/smoke!

VW GOLF MK3 1.9TDI Launch Control.3gp
VW Golf 3 with ECU EDC15V.