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Qualcomm Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging DEVC

Battery Electric Class 8 Semi-Trailer Truck
100% battery-electric Class 8 truck hauling scrap metal in Long Beach, California. TransPower Electric Class 8 truck: - 2x JJE Fisker Karma eMotors - 150kw/200hp each 300kw/400hp total power - 480Nm/354 ft lb each - 960Nm/708 ft lb total peak torque - 5-speed automated manual transmission - 215kWh battery - 160km (100 mile) range - 104km (65 mph) top speed - 1.3 kilowatt-hours of electricity per mile ~ 25% the cost of using diesel fuel.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van EV Concept

NextEV EP9 1MW Electric Supercar Testing @ Paul Ricard