How to use running light as a turn signal

this shows you how to hook up an AUX light so it can be used as both a turn signal and a running light. this will work on both motorcycles or cars and trucks Or how to use your turn signal as a running light Or how to use your running lights as a turn signal All you need is, Your Aux. Light Some hook up wire and a 5 pin 12v 30/40a Relay Here is a Diagram of the hook up:¤t=turnrunninglight.jpg

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How to Make LED Brake Lights Flash as Turn Signals
We make a module without our super brain powers, and we sell it, and you'll love it. Email us at Sales @ or call at 909 684 5044. Production pieces are slightly prettier than the unit shown in the video... but barely ;) Thanks for watching, make sure to subscribe for other crazy lighting products and services!

How to have a turn signal and running light in 1
this is a short video of how you can have a turn signal that stays on when the switch is not activated. This will work on all lights led and non led, the Diod i am using is SR560 Schottky Rectifier Diode 5A . any diode should work fine as long as its atleast 2amps so it doesnt burn out, im using a 5 amp here, $2 for 10 free shipping off ebay

turn signal wiring
turn signal wiring

Kia Garage: LED Tail Light Conversion - Step 3 Construction Part 2 Wiring the LEDs and Mounting
In this video i go over the second part of the third step in creating a fully custom taillight for my 2005 kia Amanti