How to use running light as a turn signal

this shows you how to hook up an AUX light so it can be used as both a turn signal and a running light. this will work on both motorcycles or cars and trucks Or how to use your turn signal as a running light Or how to use your running lights as a turn signal All you need is, Your Aux. Light Some hook up wire and a 5 pin 12v 30/40a Relay Here is a Diagram of the hook up:¤t=turnrunninglight.jpg

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How to Make LED Brake Lights Flash as Turn Signals
We make a module without our super brain powers, and we sell it, and you'll love it. Email us at Sales @ or call at 909 684 5044. Production pieces are slightly prettier than the unit shown in the video... but barely ;) Thanks for watching, make sure to subscribe for other crazy lighting products and services!

Turn Signal Flasher Build
Building a crude turn signal flashing system using momentary switches.

Sequential Turn Signal Switchback LED Panel
This panel has been built to function similar to a dual filament turn signal bulb, with 2 different functions, running lights as well as turn signals. Like a "Switchback" LED turn signal bulb, when the running lights are activated, the white LEDs come on. When the turn signal is activated, the white LEDs shut off, and the sequence of Amber LEDs begins. The speed of the sequence is adjustable using a push type toggle which can be mounted inside the car, or hidden in the engine bay for fine tuning. After the turn signal is finished, the white LEDs automatically resume function. This video shows a prefabbed LED board, but the controller itself is available as a stand alone unit, so that LEDs can be custom mounted in any shape, or size. For more info, contact us at or call us: 909 684 5044 Check out for more custom lighting and other great products and services!

turn signal wiring
turn signal wiring