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Here is a simple Hot Wheels movie made with Windows Movie Maker. Music from: Enjoy!!

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Hot Wheels World Race Cars
Just a quick video I made to show the different cars that you can race with in Hot Wheels World Race. Each car gets about 10 seconds in the video, there are 35 cars. (And yes I know I put Ballistik in twice) EDIT: 8/28/2011 102,962 views.... Wow. I wish I knew why this video is so popular lol. (Also it is my most viewed video by a good 50,000 views.) The cars in order of a appearance are: TEAM ROADBEASTS: (Starting at 6 seconds in) 1: Ballistik 2: Twin Mill 3: Vulture 4: Zotic 5: Power Rocket 6: Power Pistons 7: Greased Lightntin TEAM WAVE RIPPERS: (Starting at 1:31) 8: Deora 2 9: Backdraft 10: Switchback 11: Power Pipes 12: 40 Somethin 13: Golden Arrow 14: Nomadder What TEAM SCORCHERS: (Starting at 2:44) 15: Overbored 454 16: Roger Dodger 17: 1/4 Mile Coupe 18: Muscle Tone 19: Maelstrom 20: Silhouette 2 21: Sooo Fast TEAM DUNE RATZ: (Starting at 3:57) 22: Krazy 8s 23: Super Tuned 24: Seared Tuner 25: Sweet 16 2 26: Mega-Duty 27: Jester 28: MS-T Suzuka TEAM STREET BREED: (Starting at 5:10) 29: Sling Shot 30: 24/Seven 31: Side Draft 32: Road Rocket 33: Aeroflash 34: Pony-Up 35: HW Prototype 12 ALSO: Since I keep getting asked, here are direct links to where you can buy the game. Be warned that the PC version is very picky about installing. If your computer is not something it likes there is no way to get the game installed. That said, once installed there is no copy protection, meaning that the game can be copied to the computer you actually want it on. Also if these links break please let me know so I can fix them. They are working as of 4/24/13 Anyway: Main link: keywords=Hot%20Wheels%3A%20World%20Race PC Version: ideogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1366826806&sr=1-4&keywords=Hot+Wheels%3A+World+Race Playstation 2 Version: =sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1366826806&sr=1-1&keywords=Hot+Wheels%3A+W orld+Race