S14 240sx Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust Drive By

here is a clip of my brother's '95 240sx with a Blitz Nur Spec installed. 1st clip is with silencer... 2nd clip is without. ENJOY

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Blitz Nur Spec R 240sx Stock KA
Blitz Nur Spec R in a stock KA from the passenger side. It's relatively quiet from the inside.

Blitz Nur Spec R vs car alarms
making noise in a parking garage

Blitz Nur Spec R 240sx stock KA
Rolling video of the Blitz Nur Spec R on a 240sx with a stock KA. At one point in the video, it's coasting in neutral, hence why you can't hear anything.

S14 240sx Blitz Nur Spec R Exhaust KA24DE
for all of you guys out there askin me for more sound clips of the BLITZ... here it is... THIS NEW VID IS MORE DETAILED LOL... the day clips are self explanitory... -the night clips were all WITH THE SILENCER ON- the FIRST NIGHT CLIP is in the FRONT SEAT, then the next clip is in the BACK SEAT (NOTICE THE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHERE YOU SIT IN THE CAR!!!), then the third clip is the car doing the same run but shot from the OUTSIDE, and the last clip is the car doing a FULL BLAST drive by... ENJOY! =] OK... that "RATTLING" sound the car makes at HIGH RPMs is his COLDAIR INTAKE... just to let ya know... =]