S14 240sx Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust Drive By

here is a clip of my brother's '95 240sx with a Blitz Nur Spec installed. 1st clip is with silencer... 2nd clip is without. ENJOY

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Blitz Nur Spec R 240sx stock KA
Rolling video of the Blitz Nur Spec R on a 240sx with a stock KA. At one point in the video, it's coasting in neutral, hence why you can't hear anything.

Blitz Nur Spec R vs car alarms
making noise in a parking garage

240SX Blitz Nur Spec-R
95' 240SX Stock DP w/ CAT, 3" MR Test-Pipe, 80mm Nur Spec-R Exhaust

RB25det s13 blitz nur spec exhaust note
Heres a quick vid of my rb25/s13 vert Exhaust note. Its a syko 1 pc downpipe, circuit sports test pipe, and a blitz nur spec Exhaust.