Volvo C70 Burn Out 1

Burnout 2 video is the best one, My 98 C70 with A K24, turbo Tuner, Downpipe, TME Cat Back, Eibach Coils, Koni Adjustables, IPD 25 F, 28 mm Rear Sway Bars, V70R Front Bumper Cover, Jewels, XC Grill, Etc.

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volvo c70 exhaust
full 3inch Exhaust, no cat to magnaflow muffler. horrible video. I dont like to rev my car like this but I did for the video.

1998 volvo c70 t5 3 "straight pipe exhaust sound (no muffler and resonator)
well this is how she sound with 3" straight pipe Exhaust (no muffler no resonator)

volvo c70 2.3 turbo 0-100++

Volvo S80 Burnout
Volvo S80 - Time to get rid of the summer tires, preparing for the winter.. using the handbrake..