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Jason Phillips from Auto Appraise, Inc. performed a certified auto appraisal on a 1948 Cadillac Sedanette for sale in Detroit Michigan. 3 hour long jacked up inspection conducted with over 200 still pics. Nationwide Group of Certified Auto Appraisers, cars jacked up on site, 150+ pics, videos, essay style reports, auto appraisals. 1948 Cadillac 2 door fastback Sedanette 40,000 survivor miles, 1 Let us know if we can do an inspection for you sometime http://www.autoappraise.com, 800-301-3886

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1948 Cadillac Sedanette test drive
Original number's matched 8 cylinder with factory original 4 speed automatic. Floats down the road in true 40's era Caddy fashion! Great, low miles survivor with original solid underbody, all original suspension, great exterior repaint, nicely replated chrome, super solid body. Check out the other video that depicts this car up close. Jason Phillips, Auto Appraise, certified classic car appraiser, doing auto appraissals nationwide, with 310 inspectors covering every state. 800-301-3886. http://www.autoappraise.com

Cadillac 62 Sedanette 1947

Cadillac Concepts in 1948 -- Let the Fins Begin
Cadillac executives weren't sure which style to choose for the 1948 Cadillac. A streamlined version, a couple that were extensions of what they'd been doing or a model with fins like those seen on a jet. GM design chief, Harley Earl like the fins and the fins won. Which set off a fin race among American car companies that reached its silly zenith in 1959 with the now iconic Cadillac.

47 Cadillac S61 Coupe & 57 Cadillac S75 Limo walk around.
47 Cadillac S61 Coupe & 57 Cadillac S75 Limo walk around. Both cars found in barn in Denmark.