Gran Turismo 5 Suzuki Escudo Dirt Trial Car'98

Gran Turismo 5 gameplay PS3 GT5 best car suzuki escudo dirt trial car 98 car'98 Trial Mountain how to beat it 720p HD averTV H727

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Gran Turismo 5: Top 5 fastest cars!
The ultimate challenge in Gran Turismo 5. Which are the fastest cars in the Game? For this test i used the following settings for all cars: - Max. Tuning - Max Aerodynamic - Adapted Gear Box - Standart Suspension - Soft Tires Track: Suzuka Circuit (5807m) Final Result: 1. Red Bull X2010: 0.59,147 2. Ferrari F2007: 1.24,944 3. Ferrari F2010: 1.25,374 4. Formula GT: 1.25,801 5. Toyota Minolta: 1.37,700 Cars i tested but didn´t make it into the final five: Sauber C9, Peugeot, Audi R10, Audi R8 Race Car, Bentley Speed 8, Toyota GT One. Settings: Transmission - Manual Driving Line - Off Traction Control - Off Skid Recovery Force - Off Active Steering - Off ASM - Off ABS - 1 Wheel: Fanatec Porsche GT3RS Vol.2 + Clubsport Pedals My best time with the Bugatti Veyron here:

Epic Online Drag Races Baby! Gran Turismo 6
You Can See Patreon Perks at: Epic Online Drag Races Baby! Gran Turismo 6 CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE Click here to go to MMAGENIUS2 CHANNEL: Cars Playlist: My Twitter : GTA 5 Playlist: Some of My Favorite Videos: Drunk Guy Dancing Tries To Hug Everyone In Old Vegas Guy Jumps into Mud and Guy Puts Face in Mud Hilarious Vegetable Justice Guy 2 Fast 2 Furious Purple Car Sheep looking at me and Baaing The Biggest Horse I've Ever Seen! The Most Scared Pig Ever! TRY NOT TO LAUGH AT GIRL Lion Growls at Trainer Amazing Liger/Lion and Rare Tigers Show MUST SEE Liger Growls and Paws at Trainer HD Kids getting scared at haunted houses Mommy! Amazing Jet Car Melts Car Awesome HD Video and Sound Boat Flips Over Assassins Creed 3 MUST SEE! Music: "Black Vortex" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Supercars greatest collection in 8mins.......GoodWood 2011 (Real GT5!)
GoodWood Festival of speed, collection of cars ever! hardly ever been happier!!! Can anyone name all the cars in this video?

Gran Turismo 5 Trial Mountain HKS CT230R'08
HKS CT230R'08 Gran Turismo 5 Trial Mountain GT5 tuned cars tuning 4x4 best car easy way link: