nissan e15

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'84 E15 ET Pulsar with Italian Garrett GT2256V 2.8 litre Diesel truck turbo???
Fitting an Italian Garrett turbo off a 2002 model,2.8 litre Diesel Iveco truck on to my 1.5 litre '84 ET Pulsar??? If only I could of fit the wastegate actuator on,I might of been able to get what seemed like some sort of pre-spool/anti lag setup to have worked,which would have been interesting,but I had already had to use another thinner radiator out of another car with custom reversed piping,mounted about 50mm further forward than standard just to fit the turbo in,so I just set the wastegate to 17psi and drove it like that for a while until putting the KKR430 on

My Nissan N12: Valve tappet clearances adjusted April 16, 2011
I adjusted my tappet clearances today, did the measuring at the cam runners instead of measuring between the tappets and the valves. The engine is finally quite smooth and silent at idle.

La importancia del termostato en el motor del vehiculo
ReseƱa sobre la importancia del termostato en el motor

Nissan Sunny 1.3 ..... 19 years old / B.11 engine :)
It 's very friendly engine!! no any small or big problem like ,there, here, and there !!! ...even it 's 19 years old !!!wonderful Nissan 1300 CC. /B 11 Engine../ It runs smoothly always ...Consume less gasoline ... One problem today is the gasoline price is increasing everyday :(