MBRP Performance Exhaust S7020 Series 2010 Camaro V6

Road Testing the MBRP Performance Exhaust S7020 Series

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2010 Camaro SS - Stainless Works Headers and MBRP 3" Cat-Back Exhaust Audio - HQ
2010 Camaro SS - 1 7/8" Stainless Works Headers, 3" MBRP Cat-Back.

2014 Camaro V6 - Borla Cat Back Exhaust - S Type / Solo High Flow Cat
2014 Camaro V6 Exhaust - Borla Cat Back Exhaust - S Type Series PN#: 140530 & Solo Performance LFX V6 High Flow Catalytic Converters #C23926-C23925 (From Phastek.com) *I think I may need to swap out "X-pipe" section for "Resonated X-Pipe" I almost like this setup, except that the rasp is Horrible!. I wanted to maintain 2.5" piping from Engine, to tailpipes. Also, when sitting in the car, you can really feel the Exhaust through the seats. Not exactly what I was going for. The Borla S-type Exhaust sounds pretty nice on the V8. Didn't workout so well for me :/

2010 Camaro V6 Corsa catback
I thought I'd share the sounds of my Camaro to the world, IMHO this is the best sounding catback for the V6. It's also very well made, well worth the money. The rest of the car is bone stock. (Oh, and yes, the car was already warmed up) This is my first Youtube video so go easy on me. ;) I'll try to get some on-road video soon. Also, keep an eye out for videos of my upcoming turbo 3100 V6 Fiero. Thanks for watching!

2010 camaro v6 exhaust
this is a video outside and a follow up video of how my new Bee looks like =] hope you enjoy ;)