Power Cruise 2010 Sydney

Power Cruise at Eastern Creek Feb 2010 in a friends Lamborghini Gallardo with a Tubi Exhaust.

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Power Cruise Power Play 8/1/2011 Top rpm r34 GTR races & dyno !!!
Power Cruise Power Play 8/1/2011 Top rpm r34 GTR races & Dyno ... Just a short video of some races on the one day power play on the 8/1/2011 at QLD raceway , also some Dyno footage and a bit of drifting and power skids . Remember to visit www.toprpm.com.au

Powertune R34 GT-R (Elephant) - Powercruise #41: Sydney, Off-street drags #Skyline from Hell
A sensational weekend at Carline Muffler's Powercruise #41 held at Sydney Motorsport Park from 21st-24th February 2013. Our very first Elephant, now three years on and still going strong takes out a first place victory in the off-street drags. Thank you to the all the staff at Powercruise again for putting on such an amazing event, where car enthusiasts of any origin and flavour run head-to-head in a weekend of fury. Big thanks and congratulations to all drivers, owners, workshops and competitors for making this such a marvelous event. Powercruise attracts the biggest names from all over Oz and it was such a great honour and pleasure to meet you and race alongside you all. Please be keeping your eye out on our media channels as we'll be feeding more vids, blogs and photos over the next few days. Powertune Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Powertune-Australia/130914580298162?fref=ts Powertune Blog - http://powertuneaustralia.wordpress.com/ Powertune Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/powertuneaustralia Powertune Australia - http://www.powertune.com.au/ Powertune R34 GT-R Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/PowertuneR34Gtr?fref=ts

Powercruise 23 - In-car 620rwhp GT-R
In car footage of Powercruise 23, taken from the passenger seat of an R33 GT-R with T04Z setup running straight ethanol (E100).

Powercruise 31 2011 QLD YEHAAR & IM QIKR
Powercruise 31 2011 qld YEHAAR & IM QIKR