1970 Ford Maverick Freshly Built Start-Up

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Old 347 in 1970 Maverick still running great! Plugs are 6 years old!
Its still alive!! Old 347 still runs great.

1970 Maverick project

1972 ford maverick
this is my dads dragcar

B3R Garage: 1970 Ford Maverick Ground Pounder Takes its First Breath
For more information about the rebuilding of this or any 1970 or later Ford Maverick be sure to check out the associated website at http://www.squidoo.com/1970-ford-maverick-street-strip-build. or B3RGarage.Blogspot.com. or on CarDormain http://www.cardomain.com/ride/4027254/1970-ford-maverick/ ______________________________________________________________________ The Mad Scientist's 1970 Ford Maverick street strip build project finally makes it to a point where the beast can take its first breath. Sitting in the garage suspended off the ground, the '70 Maverick spits fire and pumps out a little Ford 302 power for the first time. The Maverick dose not idle long, but it is likely due to rebuilding a single Holley carburetor from three different carbs sitting in the garage. With a little fine tuning the Mad Scientist's Maverick will likely be rolling on its own in no time.