Grand Sport Delivery 2010

Delivery of my 2010 Grand Sport at NCM - June 25th, 2010.

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Chevy Corvette Museum Delivery Experience From Bob Huffman
Bob Huffman, Vice President of the Baton Rouge Corvette Club, recently took delivery of his 2011 Corvette Grand Sport 4LT Coupe at the National Corvette Museum via the Museum Delivery option. Bob purchased his Vette right here at Ross Downing Chevrolet, and was kind enough to share his experience with us! For more details of the Corvette Museum Delivery program, visit !

Z06 National Corvette Museum Delivery
Roy and Rosemary take delivery of their 2009 Z06 at the National Corvette Museum. This is an experience that every new Corvette owner should have. We also participated in the Buyers Tour to follow our Z06 every minute on the assembly line. What an experience that is. The Assembly Plant workers are so friendly and appreciative of a buyer.

Corvette Museum Delivery
Some highlights of my museum delivery of my 2012 Crystal Red Grand Sport Coupe on May 9, 2012

Corvette Grand Sport with Hennessey HPE650 Supercharger upgrade NPP on & off
Recently we had our beautiful Grand Sport Corvette Coupe upgraded by John Hennessey at the Sealy TX location. We chose the HPE650 upgrade. One of the reasons was the fact that we could keep our NPP Exhaust. We had already put the Mild to Wild on the car before we sent her to John so this video upload shows the difference in sound for those who might wonder or who might be considering this awesome upgrade. Please listen to the absolutely phenomenal sound of the Exhaust after the HPE650 upgrade and give us your thoughts.