AceWhips.NET- BOO's Ford Mustang on 30" DUB Delusion Floaters

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Candy GOLD 2005 Impala on 30" DUB Fouty Floaters - 1080p HD
Video of the new school Candy Pagean Gold 2000-2005 Chevrolet Impala lifted high on DUB Fouty spinners, 30's. Car has lambo doors & suicide doors to show off the insides! Ole buddy was acting up driving it too.. Spraying the candy gold painted fire extinguisher everywhere haha. Lift by Underground Rim King for the 30" rims. At the FL Classic Car Show in Orlando, FL for Florida Classic 2012.

THE OUTRAGEOUS FLEET: Delta 88 on 32s, El Camino on 30s, Escalade on 30s @ SC State Homecoming
I searched for this lineup all day long and finally caught up with them pulling into the Homecoming car show ! All sprayed Outrageous Bondi Beach riding back to back! The Escalade lead the way on 30" Davin Twstd floaters, then the El Camino followed on 30" Dub Billionaire floaters, and last was the Delta 88 vert on 32" Dub Da U floaters,. All of which had tan diamond stitched leather seats with blue snake skin inserts( and headliner in the El Camino) also digital gauges and fiberglass dashboards and door panels with plenty of speakers and Tvs in them. You can hear how loud it was when the El Camino started jammin while i was a good 30 oir 40 yards away and sounder crystal clear! All fiberglass work was done by Classic Kustoms in Satarosa Florida and the Delta 88 had the lift and rims done by UndergroundRimKing. (not pictured was the outrageous golf cart also on 28" davin twstd missing from the fleet! Check my prior videos for a better look at the Fleet from Gucci Mane Car Show)

King Camaro Cleaning w/ 813 Customs
After the Chrome Camaro was revealed everyone keeps asking how do you clean it....... How do you clean your car? LOL