Import car compilation

My 1st import car compilation

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Net Bios Hacking Tutorial
Net bios hacking tutorial. One of the best ip scanners out there is called ANGRY IP SCANNER, its a very popular scanner, download it with the link as shown in the video. Just be aware that if you scan hundreds of IP addresses, your attempt in locating open ports will be recorded in those computers security programs, so be carefull, like if your get reported hundereds of times, you never know, you might get your internet suspended from your isp. Ports to scan are mainly: 137, 138, 139. Other two known types are also 443 & 445. When you successfully find a open port type this excactly in the command line: net use h: \\\shareddocs When this happens you will get either: Command entered successfully OR access is denied. ' Usually when you get access denied its either you typed the thing wrong, like you missed out on a letter or something, OR the ip doesnt have open ports etc. In some IP address i scanned, i had a password to enter, if your able to work out the password, you should be able to get access to the entire computer or just that shared componants. Scan a single IP address or do a range for extra results. Song "touch it" by busta rhymes EDIT: i had to change the song cos it was violating audio etc. Views: 29,622 Added: 10 months ago

Micheal Jackson -Thriller REMIX
Micheal Jackson INDIAN Thriller Remix. Song "Golimarr, Unknown artist Views: 28,681 Added: 1 year ago

Fake Virus Tutorial
A easy fake virus tutorial. You must type this Shutdown -s -t 9787 -c "Write anything here" Thats it, make sure the number A easy fake virus tutorial. You must type this Shutdown -s -t 9787 -c "Write anything here" Thats it, make sure the number isnt that high, cos if you put like 9999999999 it wont work, its gotta be moderate but not high. It sure is very handy, because one night i was downloading a movie which was over 800mg in size and it would take just a bit over 3 hours. This was at like 10pm. Views: 96,774 Added: 10 months ago

Nissan Skyline GTR take off
Accelerating GTR. This is the R33 GTR from ACTIVE Garage, which at the time of about 2003, was filmed by Ben Ellis, former editor of High Performance Imports magazine from Australia. You may be able to buy this dvd from It was their main demo car, producing 900+hp...dogbox, 3 bosch pumps, and i believe twin Trust T67-25Gs.