2005 Chevy Colorado Z71 4x4 , 2011 Chicago Snow storm

Pushing through about 2 or more feet of snow,..almost didn't make it. 2011 Chicago snow storm

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Dad's colorado eating up the snow, the heat is on!
well heres the first real test of how good the 4x4 is in dads 2010 colorado, 3.7 inline 5, i missed the clip of him backing out the driveway, and some other goodies that happened out on our travels, like 4x4s getting stuck and almost hitting a building, but heres a lil vid of how good it does in about a foot and a half of snow

Tim Bates 4WD Adventures - Snow Safety Tips
G'day guys, before you head out on your next 4WD adventure, check out this short video, packed full of safety tips to make your next trip a safe and fun one.

Chevrolet Colorado 4x4
Snow Wheeling

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