283 Chevy engine power pack heads

I've been hoping to run across one of these that I could afford. I think this is a good one.

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Unloading the Chevy 283
This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time.. This'll be fun.

Fetchin' home the Power Pack heads
Nice to have the rat rod out on the street

Gunnin' Down Ghosts, new clawhammer banjo tune on the Dobson Matchless
I took a George Clifton Dobson Matchless Banjo, in standard G tuning, GDGBD and tuned the second string down so that fretted at the 4th it matches the first string. Then just made this up. I thought I'd call it "Gunnin' Down Ghosts".. That's sort of what it sounded like to me..

Battery tender
Hod Dog!