Valentine One Stealth Setup in E55 AMG (The Godfather's setup)

This is my Valentine one Stealth setup in my W211 E55 AMG. See the video to see what I've got! Here is the video of the scanner in action You can buy the custom slim display directly from the maker on eBay under his screen name "agravic"

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Valentine One 3.861 over bridge
This LEO was pointed at a 90 degree angle to the road. I think he was just eating his lunch.

Escort Live Warns First then Valentine One Detector with Car Pulled over Behind and in Front of me
Escort Live gives a warning that a Cop is a Mile ahead. I slow down,.. The Cop is on the right in a speed trap running Radar that the Valentine One radar detector picks up as I get closer. I pass the cop, and the truck behind me gets pulled over as I glance in rear view and the cop is behind the truck behind me! I grab the camera and try to show the Cop pulling the guy over. Then a Escort Live says another Cop is ahead (as well as Waze) -- Sure enough another cop has a car pulled over to the right off ramp, and the Radar Detector picks his K Band up as well. Counter Measures doing their job -- And shows, again, how Escort Live (and Waze) are a must for the best range of warnings overall. Radar Detector Running: Valentine One - v3.894 App running with Detector: YaV1 on Nexus 7 App running on Iphone 5: Waze App running on Iphone 4: Escort Live Video cams: Mobius v2 and Mobius V3

Quick Radar "Test" V1 and 9500i #2
See #1.

Cop doesnt know the law
I was pulled over by officer Rodriguez and officer Sexton of the DeLand, Fl Police Department after i was filming the 2 cops in this video. they tried to tell me to stop. I kept filming and then got in my car and was immediately pulled over and given bogus tickets. the cop tells me i have the option of not signing. then gives me a ticket for not signing. he never did allow me to sign the other 3 so they are void. and the one i signed was under duress because i was threatened with imprisonment and there were 2 officers there with there hands on their guns. there isnt even a statute or ordinance number on the "refusal to sign ticket". please send this video to every one you know and favorite it. thank you