Valentine One Stealth Setup in E55 AMG (The Godfather's setup)

This is my Valentine one Stealth setup in my W211 E55 AMG. See the video to see what I've got! Here is the video of the scanner in action You can buy the custom slim display directly from the maker on eBay under his screen name "agravic"

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How Fast Does A Police Laser Gun Target
Watch this video on how fast a police laser gun can get your speed. A police laser gun can get your speed in under .3 seconds. It does not alert other radar detectors because of the small beam that the gun produces. Visit

Valentine 1 against a sneaky cop running Instant On Ka Band Radar
He actually had a pretty good spot on the side of the road hitting cars with Instant On Ka band radar coming around the curve. Valentine 1 did a great job picking him up.

Valentine One 3.861 over bridge
This LEO was pointed at a 90 degree angle to the road. I think he was just eating his lunch.

Sleeping Police E55 Speed Trap
Mercedes E55 AMG Passes a Police speed trap and a officer who is not paying attention while going WAY over the speed limit. Lucky day for the test driver...