Datsun1200 vs RX7 Drag & Wind

Federal/Liqui Moly/Nistune Datsun 1200 vs Zorce Racing Magazine's RX7 Drag & Wind event in Trinidad on August 25th 2013.

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SSP Drag & Wind Drift take 1

Datsun 1200 of Shane Merrick - Mod. Prod, Road Reg 2001cc and over MGCCQ Hillclimb
Shane Merrick running a few passes at Mount Cotton Hillclimb in his datto 1200. Awesome runs, sham I did not get some more shots! Check out the run with both LHS wheels in the air on the top of turn one, lovers leap!

GMC Stag International Drags 2013
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Drag & Wind 1 (2013)
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