Tamiya RC Pajero and Landcruiser on the beach

Second run tamiya pajero and landcrusier in Ireland.

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Tamiya CC-01 Jeep Wrangler YJ and Mitsubishi Pajero - The Wet Trail
Krátké poježdění v parku po celodenním dešti s mým Jeepem Wrangler na upraveném podvozku CC-01 od Tamiye a s kámošovým Mitsubishi Pajerem také na Tamiyackém podvozku CC-01.. __________________________________________ Short run in park after the whole day's rain with my Jeep Wrangler on custom CC-01 chassis from Tamiya and my friend's Mitsubishi Pajero on the same chassis..

RC Scale Crawler 4x4 Tracy Sand trail Land rover D90 & Chevy Blazer K5
Hi and welcome to DRC crawlers channel the 4x4 scale trucks and rock crawler experience. The channel is there to share our adventures in every kind of off road situation and terrain like Mud, sand, rocks, snow, etc. From spin tires, water crossings, rock crawling, mud stock to winch action and recovery. Also the artwork and builds of those who made the RC 4x4 off road a passion and a way of living. Awesome Trailing day Mud action and water crossing the rigs performance was really good lots of fun! If you like subscribe and don’t miss to visit us: Website: http://www.drcmotion.com Where you’re going to find lots of cool stuff and everything you need about RC 4x4 scale trucks and rock crawlers. Facebook: drekas RC crawler page, Dre Kas profile Instagram: Drekas RC Crawlers Pinterest: Drekas RC Crawlers Twitter: @drekasRCcrawler In this video: • RC4WD Gelande D90 • Axial SCX10 honcho chassis with Blazer K5 pro-line body Links: http://store.rc4wd.com/ http://www.axialracing.com/ http://prolineracing.com/ Sponsors: drcmotion.com We hope you enjoy our video and be welcome to join the passion, have fun! Thanks for watching!

Expedice Draháňska rokle - TRAILER
Předběžný průzkum terénu pro expedici Draháň 2010. Všichni ponorkáři a bláteníci jsou zváni!

Toyota Land Cruiser Recovered by Jeep Grand Cherokee HEMI
29/04/12 Stock vs stock @ Zig Zag WATCH from different angle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xPEsInEzUw If anyone wants to see some real action, please watch this video, I'm sure you'll enjoy it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dYv1a1DrK4