BRM V16 Goodwood Revival 2010

Back to the paddock on the Friday 17th septembre 2010

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BRM V16 warming up
Warming up and towing on the Saturday 18th of September 2010 for the Goodwood Revival.

BRM V16 Sound, revs and drive by! Goodwood FOS 2012
Here you can hear the BRM v16 sound at the goodwood festival of speed 2012

Ferrari Testarossa Ride, Revvs and Sound ! Fuchs Exaust
Sjoerd records two beautifull itallian Maranello Horses in Wommels, the Netherlands, the owners were very kind, so I got a ride in the Testarossa, and my little brother got a ride in the 360 Modena ! Special Fuch exausts ! Special thanks to the owners ! Please be free to rate, comment and subscribe !! Thanks :-)

Goodwood 2008 BRM V16
This is as long as I could manage recording before the physical pain in my ears got too much! He never quite gets it going on song but it still sounds phenomenal. You feel this noise as much as hear it.