Need For Speed Carbon - All Unlocked n Bonus Cars

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Subscribe and enjoy! First, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays. Anyway, after going through Need For Speed Carbon's career 3 times I finally got all the clips I needed. It was a very time consuming process. I wouldn't really call it a glitch video, but it is close enough to one. The hardest clip to get was of my Corvette and Darius in front of the safe house because I had to get my Corvette before I completed a quarter of the game and getting that kind of cash in that timespan takes a long time. Thanks to glitchfan2428 for posting the original video. More to come in the upcoming days!

Need for Speed Carbon: Darius' Supra Tutorial
How to make Darius' Toyota Supra (intro car) in Need for Speed Carbon

NFS CARBON bonus cars in career mode
hi today im gonna show you how to get bonus cars in carbon you will need carbon trainer for this link will be in description strat game then minimize open car trainer and check everything off go to car lot buy wat ever cars u want save game and exit close carbone trainer then start game again. if you dont exit game and u go to car select it will freeze thx for watching, comment, rate and subscribe carbon trainer link