Need For Speed Carbon - All Unlocked n Bonus Cars

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NFSC Career Secret Tutorial
Subscribe and enjoy! First, I would like to wish everyone happy holidays. Anyway, after going through Need For Speed Carbon's career 3 times I finally got all the clips I needed. It was a very time consuming process. I wouldn't really call it a glitch video, but it is close enough to one. The hardest clip to get was of my Corvette and Darius in front of the safe house because I had to get my Corvette before I completed a quarter of the game and getting that kind of cash in that timespan takes a long time. Thanks to glitchfan2428 for posting the original video. More to come in the upcoming days!

Need For Speed: Carbon (Cast Featurette)
Promo video featuring the cast (Emmanuelle Vaugier and Dean McKenzie) of the video game "Need For Speed: Carbon." Console: Xbox 360 Year: 2006

Need for Speed: Carbon 2017 Graphic Mods (HD 1080p)
ReShade Official - Downloads: ReShade 2.0.3f1 - ReShade Presets - Widescreen Fix - Textures Mod - d/31914/ -Twitter- PC Specs: Core i7 4770K 8GBx2 Memory Radeon HD 7870

Need For Speed Carbon - All Official & Bonus Cars
This is the official car list with all bonus cars and a few appearing cars from the game (description in the video of them!). Savegame used. Download link here: Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Year: October 31, 2006