Toyota Tacoma Tundra ((( T T T ))) take a look at 7 min 30 sec

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Tacoma And F150 Off roading

Toyota Tundra on Elvis Trail near Florence, AZ - 1st obstacle
Took our Toyota Tundra on Elvis trail with a bunch of Tacos from Tacoma World. With some spot-on spotting from #ILuvRanch and encouragement from the peanut gallery, we slipped Big Bertha all the way through to Box Canyon and out the other end without body damage - no sliders bitches! 2014 Toyota Tundra 4x4, 2" front lift, 1" rear lift, 37x13.5" tires

Tundra: The Truck of Texas
A video and picture compilation of the second generation Toyota Tundra. Only the first couple of clips are mine, they go to the rightful owners. If one of your videos or pictures happens to be in here, send me a message so I know to mention you under the description. If you want to have a truck debate, keep it civil. I don't want to see any trash talking or swearing. Any of that will be deleted. Song: Alcohaulin' ass - Hellyeah

A Ride in the World's Coolest Tacoma
ARB makes some of the world's toughest off-road accessories for 4x4's and trucks, and they also have some pretty incredible vehicles of their own. Case in point: this 2016 Toyota Tacoma, which has been modified with all of the company's latest offerings. Watch to see where we ended up when spent an afternoon in the truck this Summer.