Car Tech 2011 Mercedes CL550 review

The modern-day, high-tech $100,000 ride.

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"Before You Buy A CL550 Watch This!"
Follow me on Instagram @itsthebenzman let me know in the comments if you follow me and I will follow you back! Don't forget to like,comment,and subscribe for more content! In this video I give you key details on what to look before you buy A CL550... Another thing to mention is extended warranty if you can

Mercedes CL550 2009 Benz Interior Tech Review

"CL550 Yearly Service Cost"? How Much I Spend?
In this video I give you an in depth quick tour and look of how much I actually spend on service for my CL550 Mercedes Benz. Yearly service is roughly $200 USD Dollars, which is not a lot for a car of this MSRP Price. Owning this car is actually the same or close to a E320 in repair prices. Year 2008 CL550!

Road Test: 2011 Mercedes Benz CL550 4MATIC