1981 VW Volkswagen Rabbit Truck Caddy For SALE DIESEL

1.6L Diesel Power Steering Air Conditioning/Heating 100,000 miles, original! Original Interior is close to MINT! EPA MPG 55 street, 67 highway!!

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Custom VW GTI Cabby Pickup Truck
Custom VW Pickup truck. Not mine. New crate GTI motor, never been started. New front end. New 4 wheel disc brakes. New rear. Rear sway bar. Complete truck. No rust. For sale. Recorded on March 12, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

1980 VW Rabbit Caddy Turbo Diesel Swap 2
Installing the turbo diesel into the 1980 VW Rabbit Caddy and finding that nothing ever goes off without a hitch... will need further diagnosis to determine the cause of the problem. Oh well another day. This is not a how to but a how I do... Take it for what its worth and enjoy. Thanks for watching!

1980 VW Rabbit diesel pickup for sale - $2,700
1.6 litre Diesel motor with only 159k original miles! 4 Speed manual trans, Runs& drives excellent! New Paint job, great tires. Very clean original interior. Fun truck! Approx 50 MPG! Call or email fo

Starting the 82 VW rabbit for the first time this year
It fired up surprisingly well but then it didn't seem to want to stop. Its running away on me for some reason, but I haven't begun to look into it yet.