Integra B16 6262 vs. Civic Si gt3076r vs. SRT-4 6262

Built motor B16 6262 turbo Integra racing a 3076r turbo Civic Si racing a built motor 6262 SRT-4 from a roll. Black 8thgen Civic is on 15psi, NOT 9psi.

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Porkchop Evo 8 2.3l vs. Integra 6262 400whp roll races K.P. Tuning
K.P. Tuning built stock turbo 2.3l Evo racing the K.p. Tuning built B16 6262 415whp Integra from a 40, 50, & 60 mph rolls.

Bonus: Turbo Integra
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stock gsr turbo 6262 e85
11.6 @ 119

700hp Integra Blows Trans On Dyno | K.P. Tuning |
K.P. Tuning getting the Boosted Integra Turned up to finish out 2016! Things didn't go as planned, but it'll be back soon.